Holy, Bloody Hotness!

17 Aug

So… I didn’t mean for this to be a tv blog, but I just saw the newest Rolling Stones cover and had to talk about how effing awesome TrueBlood is.

This past episode was pretty tame in comparison to the past 2 episodes, minus Franklin not really being dead and of course,

“Why would we seek equal rights? You are not our equals! We will EAT you… after we eat your children… And now, time for the weather. Tiffany.”

Can’t wait for the last few episodes! I know some stuff’s about to go down, and there are so many questions that need answering!

  • what is up with that Crystal girl? and her druggie redneck family? why was that naked guy eating a deer? what are they? and did sam kill Crystal’s dad?
  • what is Arlene gonna do about that  baby that ain’t Terry’s?
  • what’s up with the new waitress lady Holly? is she something supernatural?
  • will Tara ever just get over herself?
  • is eric gonna kill Russell? HOW?
  • and most importantly,why isn’t Alcide returning my calls?

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