Matt Sesow and Dana Ellyn

19 Aug

Today was a very happy day when I pulled up in my driveway to see my original Dana Ellyn painting waiting for me on my porch!

Daydream - Dana Ellyn

I’m going to get a frame tomorrow so I can hang it in my studio next to one of her husband Matt Sesow’s pieces!

I was introduced to their work in ’07 when I did a term paper for my Art Criticisms class on Matt’s body of work and have been a huge fan ever since.

They live and work out of D.C. which gives birth to many of their political works.

Dana Ellyn

Matt Sesow

They are two of the most prolific artists I have ever seen, and I love my 2 pieces hanging in my studio as inspiration. They both do a project every July called “31 Days in July” where they do a painting every single day of July based on the daily news headlines!

Dana Ellyn
Matt Sesow

Matt began painting at 28 and is self-taught. Matt suffered a traumatic accident when he was 8 which led to the amputation of his dominant hand; this physical and emotional pain has greatly influenced his artwork.

“To see Matt Sesow’s paintings is to share in a bit of his reality.”

Matt Sesow

I was lucky enough to meet both of them at Art | Everywhere in downtown Norfolk! and ADORED both of their pieces! They both painted mermaids which is Norfolk’s mascot!

Dana Ellyn
Matt Sesow

And COINCIDENTALLY I also created a mermaid piece as an Art | Everywhere submission… but it did not get accepted… but we’re not talking about that right now…

Norfolk Lifeline by Me! the Art | Everywhere reject.

Whatever… it sold before Art | Everywhere even went up.

“Me?… Bitter?… Whatever are you talking about?”

For more Dana and Matt amazingness, please visit both of their websites and


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