Meet Sketch

11 Sep

Meet Sketch, my 6 week old baby cockatiel. He was a gift for my birthday this past Saturday. He fell asleep nuzzled in my neck in the store, and he had to be mine. I had every intention of introducing him earlier, but I found out at the pet store (Pet Paradise is the best place ever to get birds; they’re all hand fed and NOT IN CAGES!) that you cannot tell if a cockatiel is male or female until they’re 9-12 months old after they molt their baby feathers. I could not think of a gender-neutral name AT ALL. for days. I felt so bad having a nameless bird, but finally 2 nights ago, it was settled. Sketch.

I was asked, “Sketch because you draw?… Or like, he’ll shank you?”  The answer: Yes.

Meet Sketch.


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