13 Oct


In the past 2 weeks I’ve completed 3 new commissions.

In case you want to know a little more about how they work, here’s how these 3 went down.

Paul asked for something dark. He said he’s going through a transitional phase right now and that he “feels like the old me is dying away and a new life is forming.” He also has a Femme Arbre tattoo.

The Forced Metamorphosis 12″X12″

The overall theme of this piece is growth and hope. There is a dry landscape where nothing can live, and a caterpillar  is forced to change (metaphor for self-healing) into a butterfly to escape the uninhabitable landscape that was it’s life prior, also flying from the darkness into light.  The chrysalis is in a cage and there is a lock and key to convey that the change was not without struggle. The praying skeleton is there to symbolize where you can look to find strength.

Sheila wanted a piece about “when pigs fly” which was her frequent response to her boyfriend when the topic of love would arise.

When Pigs Fly 9″X12″

Angie asked for a piece depicting her “feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders.” She’s a Navy wife, so she often runs the household single-handedly.  She wanted a June Cleaver-type gal, a queen of domestic drudgery, vacuuming or dusting while she’s effortlessly holding up a big statue of Atlas. She wanted me to come up with something humorous that represents housewife life.

Yo Navy Mama 14″X18″

Yo Navy Mama is also the name of her blog.

Fantastic recipes and hilarious ramblings can be found here.

My piece depicts her husband, her 2 sons, and even her dog looking to her for something but also as the center of their universe, and she has the world balanced perfectly on her freshly manicured nail! Where her heart should be is an anchor, and her heart is with her husband because she is anchored to him even while he’s away.

So that’s how it works in a nutshell:  You have an idea. We have a discussion: size, pricing, subject matter, color scheme, framing options.  I often do a digital sketch in photoshop to make sure we’re on the same page as far as composition. Allow 2-3 weeks for completion. You approve your finished piece. I ship or deliver upon receipt of payment.

See!  Easy!  I love telling people’s stories!

Let me know if you’re thinking about a commissioned piece! I’d love to create something for you!


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