20 For 20 Fan Drive!

18 Oct

ThatsWhatSheSaidArt really wants 1,000 fans!

There’s almost 600 now; help me get 400 more! I am having a contest / fan drive!

I have 20 signed 5″X5″ mini prints of Sending Out A Lifeline ready to go to the first 20 people to get me 20 fans each!

If you are reading this, I am assuming you are already a fan of “ThatsWhatSheSaidArt by Mallory Jarrell” on Facebook; if you are not, become one here!

For the Contest / Fan Drive, all you have to do is go to ThatsWhatSheSaidArt’s page and “suggest to friends”

Select 20 (or more!) art lover friends! You can even “add a personal message” to keep people from hitting “ignore” because you must get ThatsWhatSheSaidART 20 confirmed fans in order to receive a print!

Or you could post a link on your wall and tell people to “like” or “become a fan”

like Bettie here…

It’s that easy!

I will be keeping track of all new fans (as best as I can!) with a spreadsheet with the new fan’s name and the name of the “friend in common” who obviously suggested ThatsWhatSheSaidArt. Once you reach 20, I will ask for your address, and you will receive a shiny, new art print copy of  Sending Out A Lifeline in the mail!

I will post updates on the Facebook wall of people who are getting close to 20, whoever reaches 20, and when we are almost out of prints, so watch for your name! And thanks for playing!

*The contest officially starts now, but late last week I saw a little jump in numbers when I mentioned that there would be a contest, so I will count those! But from here on out they must be NEW fans!*

*Also, please note that if you are not my FRIEND on facebook, I will not be able to see friends in common when you suggest my page. You can 1.) Just be my friend 🙂 or 2.) Keep track of them as your news feed groups your friends the like ThatsWhatSheSaidArt by Mallory Jarrell together.

Like Frida Here…

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