Frida’s Dream

28 Oct

This is my latest piece I created for Mary Tomas Studio Gallery in Dallas.

It’s Titled Frida’s Dream: The Delicate Dove and the Fat Frog

The piece has many symbols pertaining to Frida’s life:

She has in her body a dove, and in her hand, a frog to symbolize her relationship with Diego Rivera. The couple was referred to as “The Delicate Dove and the Fat Frog.”

Her blue house, which is now the Frida Kahlo Museum (which I WILL go to one day), sits high up on a hill.

Frida has a Georgia O’Keefe flower in her hair, and there is a portrait of Georgia and Frida floating above her in the jungle to represent their relationship.

The numbers 9, 17, 19, and 25 are tangled in her hair to represent the date of Frida’s accident on September 17, 1925 which greatly influenced her life’s work.

The setting is jungle like, similar to several of Frida’s self portraits.

Composition-wise, I was thinking about Henri Rousseau’s The Dream.

I even threw in a tiger skin blanket to reference my favorite Rouseau painting Tiger in a Tropical Storm.

But to make it all seem very surreal and dreamlike to Frida, I made her a viewer of this scene as well as a subject  . I decided to place her larger than life watching all that is taking place in her life, similar to the composition of her own piece The Accident, where she helplessly looks over her own body as it lays lifelessly after her accident.


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