Zombie Pact

6 Dec

So sad my newest tv obsession Walking Dead is already over!  I hope they make season 2 last longer than 6 episodes!

My husband and I walk to our neighbor’s house every week to watch it with a big group of zombie enthusiasts.  And weekly, on our walks back home, we have zombie scenario conversations to better prepare ourselves for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, and I honestly feel like our survival chances are above average!

I know a lot of people have zombie pacts, or you see it all the time in zombie shows / movies:

The usual:

“If I ever get bit / become infected, I give you permission / you must shoot me.”


My husband and I have a different pact.


“If one of us gets bit, the other one must become a zombie, too.”

Think about it:  Do you really wanna make the rest of your miserable post-apocalyptic life that much more miserable by living without your loved one?  What’s the point?  It would be way sweeter to spend it together as an undead couple.

… and go on romantical zombie dinner dates.

We’ll leave these souls behind
Wandering together with bloody eyes
All the way across this land
Lurking through the streets the
Living dead babe that’s you and me
I know you’re scared so take my hand

This is hell bound ride but the
Devil’s on our side
Don’t be afraid my love,
It’s just a little bit of blood

When the sun begins to rise
That’s when we call it a night
Sleep soundly through another day
When night comes closing in our evil
Will wake us from within
Hungry for a taste of our human prey

Creepshow “Take My Hand”
watch the music video here

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