It’s UnbeWEAVEable

8 Dec

Did I mention I weave?  That’s right; I am one crafty bitch.

I took a Fibers class in College and fell in love, so much that my husband got me a 36″ Harrisville loom for Christmas a few years ago.

I strung up a new project over the weekend, but it is a Christmas present, so I can’t post it until after the holidays! But I figured I’d go back in time and post a few of my handwoven designs!!

This scarf was the first thing I ever made on my loom at home / without the supervision of someone who actually knew what they were doing.

The pattern is the same (condensed for a scarf) version of the pattern I used for my final fibers project in school (a rug), and I used 2 colors of warp instead of 1. It is an overshot pattern which means there are 2 balls of yarn being woven simultaneously: 1.) the cream chenille which you can see (the pattern) and 2.) a thin silky purple  which you cant (the “tabby” to lock the pattern threads into place).  The yarn was from a box of remnants that the lady threw in with the loom!  The pattern was from an issue of Handwoven magazine, and it’s an interesting pattern; it’s what they call a summer / winter pattern because it is an exact positive / negative of the pattern on either side (lots of patterns have 1 pretty side and 1 hot mess side)

a good shot of the pattern yarn and the camouflage “tabby”

Off the loom with finished edges!

I will have to find pics of my summer / winter final project rug!

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