With Every Cell in My Body

22 Dec

Last month I completed a commission for the very talented and gorgeous Kelsea.

She asked for a framed 18″X18″ in shades of yellows and blues depicting the story of her and her man as a housewarming present to commemorate getting their first place together.

She wanted the overall them to be “scientific” because when they first started dating, they referred to their relationship as “science” and dates as “experiments”.

She also wanted to incorporate the following symbols that have meaning in their relationship:

White Russian – their drinks of choice, thanks to the Big Lebowski.

Red Panda – mutual favorite animal.

Boston Terrier- after they get settled, they are going to adopt a Boston Terrier.

Vikings – Brian has a viking song.

Hockey – Brian took her to her first hockey game, and they now go to lots of admirals games.

Winnie the Pooh – more specifically the quote “I must be going now! Goodbye, Rabbit!”

The microscope illustration and the “slides” show little multiplying heart cells to represent how their love has grown through “experiments”.  The bottom left corner is a dark black / gray fading to sepia colors with the hockey picture, then it fades to yellow where the pic of the Boston is, to represent their past (hockey / dates) evolving to a bright and cheery future (house / puppy).

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