The Embrace

20 Jan

I created 2 of these little “couple’s embrace” collages for the 2 fabulous and adorable girlfriends of my brothers-in-law, and I thought they were so cute that I went back and made one for myself!  I was jealous! They are on 6″X6″X1.5″ canvases so they are able to stand like little blocks and are also suitable for hanging on the wall.

I got to thinking that with Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe it would be a good idea to offer this “embrace” collage as a sort of standardized format that people can easily customize, similar to the way my “Prophet” series works: a standard size, price, and concept.

(My “Prophets” are 4X4X1.5 and sell for $30. If you are not familiar with them you can read about them on the Prophet Series tab on my website)

I will offer these 6″X6″X1.5″ “Embrace” collages at $45 (free personal delivery if you are local to Hampton Roads or +$10 shipping)  Perfect for Valentine’s, anniversaries, birthdays, or just to say “I love you”… or just to say “look how friggin’ cute we are!” *note: they also make great profile pics on facebook… just sayin’*

It’s a great way to get a custom commission without being totally overwhelmed.  Here are all the things you will get to customize – you can even add your pet! (optional but included in the price)

If you have any questions or would like to put in an order for an “Embrace”, email me at or through my contact tab on my website.

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