Pet Commissions

5 Apr

I have recently completed several comissions, all had their family pets included! I love it!

The first is an embrace with kitties!

“Heaven and Earth” Hugs


commissioned by Judy Ogborn

Next a family portrait freaturing pups past and present

Lindsey’s Sweets


commissioned by Pat Kachadourian

Mary Anne Martin commissioned a piece for her daughter’s birthday, incorporating an bunch of old family photos, and the thought behind the piece was that tiny moments in every persons life add up and connect to shape the person into who they are today.  Many of the pics had incorporated family pets.



commissioned by Mary Ann Martin

AND while I had just started on Mary Ann’s piece for her daughter Monique, Monique came to me and commissioned 4 pieces for her mom Mary Ann’s birthday! It was so hard to keep this all a secret! She asked for 4 little portraits of her mom’s bull terriers.

DD (Devil Dog)








Each “Pet Portrait” includes and initial tag, the animal’s face, and sort of fancy collar they may wear, and a symbol for the pet’s personalty.

And I couldn’t resist doing one for myself.



So I’m going to start offering these 4″X5″ “Pet Portraits” on 1.5″ canvases for $35. Email me  at if you would like something like this done of your little critter!


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