Birdie Crack

9 Jan

Apples = bird crack

Or at least for my bird they do. I’ve attempted to hand feed Sketch fruit before, but he has never really shown an interest / hides in fear every time I hold something foreign near him, but last night I was eating a leftover Halloween box of Nerds near his cage, and he seemed interested.  I held a single Nerd to where he could almost grab it, and he was goin’ for it!  I wasn’t gonna give my bird Nerds (even tho it crossed my mind) I went and grabbed the only bird friendly food we had, apples, to see if he would continue to reach his little bird beak through the rungs of his cage! Mission accomplished! He loved it – it was so cute! I guess it was sour to him, so he’d take a bite, shake his head a few times then run / flit around like a mad man and repeat!  I would consider Sketch is a fairly calm bird; I’ve never seen him act a fool like that before!


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