Hey, remember that time

8 Feb

Hey, remember that time I wrote a post about having a lot of sweet art things cooking?  Well, there all happening now… like right now!  Tomorrow I am talking to ODU’s Advanced Digital Art Class about appropriation!  And next week I am conducting a collage clinic at Salem High School!  The Hampton Roads Tattoo Festival is in less than a month, and I’ve done a few more digital pieces for the show: a tattoo inspired Lord’s Prayer and Bless This Hot Ass Mess

I took requests from some folks and got t-shirts made with my abe!

And I got a sweet banner for my booth!

And hey, remember that time I said I applied for a public art project… I got it! I got a pig! The Project is Porcine Parade in downtown Smithfield!  It’s similar to Norfolk’s mermaids; There will be 8 big pig statues painted and placed in downtown for permanent display FOREVER!!  And I get to paint one!!  I’m so excited!!

So I have not started my pig yet, but I will post updates as I start and progress, but for right now he’s just chillin’ in my front room (he won’t fit in my studio!).

So that’s what Im up to! I leave you with the song I can’t stop singing now!

You’re welcome.


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