Body Challenge

23 Mar

This post is for those of you that have been asking what I’ve been doing lately as far as diet and work out. I am doing this year’s Body Challenge through my gym Anytime Fitness and USA Elite Trainers. It is a 12 week program individually written with your personal goals in mind, with diet, cardio, and weight-lifting guidelines. It is a team competition as well as an individual competition; Mt. Pleasant (mine), Kempsville, and Great Neck Anytimes are all competing against each other, and each gym has it’s own guy and girl winner, and of those 6, 1 person wins overall. I have to admit, I didn’t fully anticipate the intensity of this program; I am in the gym at 5am and 6pm almost every day, but I am so happy that my best friend and I decided to do it! One of the best decisions we ever made; I honestly feel like I am in the best shape of my life, and I have no intention of stopping this regimen when the program is through! We are in week 6, and so far I am down 22lbs – 6 more weeks to go!

Here is my week 1 to Week 5 transformation – I’ll do another post at the end of the challenge with all my results.

Also as part of the challenge, we had t run a 5k – my 2nd 5k ever, and my time this go round was 30:20 – taking 4 minutes of my last one.

Here is a shot of all of the body Challengers + some trainers. Go team orange!

Me, BFF, and one of my favorite people and inspirations Mt.P.’s gym manager Jenn!

And here are Slut Magic and me listed on the top 5 most active users at the gym!

If you are looking for a gym, you should totally join Anytime Fitness, so you can take my Zumba classes 3 nights a week and my recently added AbsoGlutely classes I teach on Thursdays. And  if you’re looking for a program to whip you into shape, USA Elite Trainers through Anytime Fitness can totally make that happen. And TRUST ME, I am not a gym person by nature; I love dancing – that’s how I got into Zumba – but with the tools this program gives you, if you really use them and follow exactly what’s written, you can’t not get results. This is something I could have never done on my own!

Shout out to all my fellow Body Challengers, especially Team Orange Crush! Seeing everyone’s transformations is such an inspiration and motivator! I can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish together in the next 6 weeks! Cheers!

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