People!! “The Birth of Ham” is finished!!

30 Apr

I apologize for going AWOL these past few weeks, but a pig has taken over my life!! He’s finally done, and I couldn’t be prouder of him!!! 🙂 Blogging may resume as usual!

Since my hometown Smithfield is the Ham Capital of the world or birthplace of ham, when proposing an submission for their Porcine Parade public art project, I could not get “Birth of Ham” out of my head. The project was to have 8 artists paint 8 fiber glass hogs to be placed throughout the historic downtown. I took a chance and submitted my porcine parody of the Birth of Venus – replacing the goddess with a ham and turning the angels into swines!  Since one side of The Birth of Venus has sea and the other land, I decided to wrap those elements around the pig and create a Smithfield townscape / seascape.

Below is what will be written on my bronze plaque <- how fancy!!??

Birth of Ham 
Mallory Jarrell, Artist 
This version of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus pays homage to Smithfield’s hams. Flanked by porcine angels, Venus has been replaced by the famous pork product while the landscape and seascape reflect that of Smithfield and the Pagan River.

When I applied in November, it was a wild shot in the dark; I would have never guessed I would have been selected! This has been a such an experience and a huge honor, and I can’t wait for all the hogs’ unveiling in June!!

I delivered him to the Smithfield Arts Center yesterday; from there he will be taken to an auto-body shop for a clear coat, and I was told this morning that he is going to be placed near the intersection of Church and Main St. directly across from the Mallory Todd house (Todd was the first to bring ham to Smithfield). The unveiling will be during Smithfield’s biggest festival Olden Days June 29th and 30th! I hope you all can come!!!

Now, for some instagram pictures!

Sky / sea horizon

piggy angel face

Ham with 2 floating pig angel heads

pig angels and flowers

flowers wrapping around his piggy head

flowers on his face

cattails on his leg

3rd piggy angel


trees and leaves

The Birth of Mallory…?

source images for the Smithfield side

laying out the Smithfield side

more detail and laying out flower placement

and I just HAD to put in a little personal blip, so this is my little sneaky detail. In the parking lot of the Smithfield station I painted TINY TINY TINY-LY my mom’s LR3 and my dad’s Z3 since they live in Smithfield, and I put my Jeep on the bridge as a sort of symbol that I love coming home to Smithfield to visit them! 🙂

flowers on the Smithfield side


move ’em out!

Smithfield side

I’m gonna miss that pig!



One Response to “People!! “The Birth of Ham” is finished!!”

  1. Chitesh Ramroop August 23, 2012 at 1:49 am #

    You are so funny!!! I’ve become obsessed with your blog and I spend most of my work hours reading all your archives. And I signed up JUST to post comments. I wish I had found you sooner, and I wish you posted as much as you once did! You must be constantly busy now though because you’re so famous!

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