The ants go marching one by one… hoorah?

22 Jun

So about 3 or so weeks ago this happened….

I had some ants in my cabinets and countertops – not like a swarm… just like 7…. Enough to make me pitch everything ant-accessible in my cabinets. 

At first I thought it was Divine Intervention concerning my carbohydrate addiction.

I set a few bait traps, but when that didn’t work fast enough, I called an exterminator.  He crawled under the house to see how they were getting in, and in doing so, found a leak behind my kitchen sink.  Upon further investigation, we discovered we are going to have to do partial demolition to fix said leak and repair the water damage.  NEAT! 

So today is day 2 of no sink in the kitchen, and I’m already over doing my dishes in the bathroom.

All in all, I guess it’s a “good” thing the ants showed up, or we would have never known about the leak… Still… FML.


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