Every Damn Day

17 Sep

Every morning several of my neighbor’s 5 or 6 outside cats are in our yard. And it drives Wheeler bananas! We have a screened in back porch, so when I let Wheeler out, I have to let him out a second door. I’ll see the cats, and I’ll warn them and wait – give them a few seconds to get over the fence before letting Wheeler loose.

Well lately, they’ve been hiding better – I don’t see them, or they don’t see us. Wheeler plays it so cool on the porch. I look. Coast APPEARS to be clear. Then, he takes off like a bat outta hell! Bark bark bark bark bark, and he’ll chase them the whole perimeter of the fence. I’m panicking screaming “Wheeler! NOOOO! Wheeler! Hey!” trying to at least slow him down, so the cat can make it over the fence.

I don’t KNOW what he’d do if he actually caught one. I like to think it might be one of those scenarios where he’d be like “now what?” But I’d really rather not take that chance. Also, a cat could mess up his world too, and I don’t believe Wheeler understands that cats have pointy bits too!

Every damn day. FML.

Now, look at that sweet angel-face. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

photograph by Amanda Hedgepeth


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