It’s here…. Crap.

17 Sep

So the other day I ordered the suit I am to wear for my figure show. These suits are made to your exact measurements, and I thought it might take a while – maybe a few weeks – to deliver – which would be good – a few weeks to get a little leaner, a little tanner, and a little more comfortable with the thought of stepping on stage in such a small piece of fabric….

NOPE! WRONG! 3 days after my order, “Your item has shipped.” 4 days after that, there it is in my mailbox in all it’s bedazzled glory. 1 week from filling out the order form online to physically having it in my hands – Crazy fast! Amazing! But no time to mentally prepare myself!

This ish just got mad real…

Ooooo…. sparkly!

Check out Pasty McPasterson over here.



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