With Lavender and Lace

7 Dec

Have you guys been to With Lavender and Lace Vintage Boutique yet?


If the answer is  no, you better carry yo buns down there because there is no other store like it around here! It’s cute and adorable and AFFORDABLE and and you wanna buy everything and the owner is a doll baby!

If the answer is yes, isn’t it just the best??!!

I was obsessed with this store long before the owner contacted me to make her an ad for Veer Magazine, so when she asked me I FREAKED!

She wanted an interior space filled with housewares you can find at With Lavender and Lace and a few figures modeling her vintage clothes going through vinyl records that you can also find in the shop!

Below is the progression of my 37 photoshop layer deep  ad! 😛

First (I added the record player and the cat on the screen)


Housewares added

LavAndLaceAd before

Figures and website added

LavAndLaceAdno text

Text for ad added


You can find them  at 617 Colonial Ave in between Olney and Boissevain


and also on the interwebs!


With Lavender and Lace on Facebook


And follow them on Instagram @withlavandlace so you can see what’s new in the shop!

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