A Post to catch up on, oh, I don’t know, the past SIX months

21 Jun

I’m pretty sure my last blog post was in January, and a LOT has happened since then, and I have more things coming to announce, but I don’t feel right about saying what’s coming up next without a brief catch up sesh!

The first Friday-Sunday of March was the Hampton Roads 3rd Annual Tattoo Festival, and I like last year had a booth AND a BLAST!!

My booth

1 tat 11376_10100459577729677_1378924621_n

Vendor Selfie

1 tat 100832_10100459542445387_2141378585_n

Mom and I got bff rings from a sweet sterling silver vendor

1 tat 974488_10100460273994357_1494753026_n

Awesome redneck engineering by my husband – portable phone / ipad charger!!

1 tat 549315_10100461174544647_1494462797_n

Then in April I had a show at Kitsch and there was an event called Better Block in downton Norfolk

Better Block was Sat April 12th and Sunday the 13th

My spot at Alchemy

2 bb 528424_10100498771520007_1021163246_n


2 bb 525255_10100499186498387_1271800936_n

My peeps

2 bb f


2 bb 73350_10100499184038317_1597577875_n

Beth’s mural

2 bb 482647_10100499185131127_117527354_n

My show C.R.E.A.M. Crafts Rule Everything Around Me at Kitsch was April 20th

banner copy

and I made some new sweet pieces like this

3 kit 529225_10100492119181347_880955649_n

and this

3 kit 63503_10100491408765027_890017376_n

And I did my hair like this

3 kit 558909_10100505331144467_1769901698_n

and wore a poofy dress like this

3 kit 375890_10100505328534697_236998692_n

and after it was all hung up it looked like this

3 kit 558915_10100492583575697_1632099905_n

3 kit 555886_10100492585107627_1135417_n

full house

3 kit securedownload

cute friends

3 kit 15033_10200506275851733_944575005_n

3 kit 431960_10200506276651753_1894549462_n

3 kit 3641_10201002119916088_580804114_n

And my most recent event was the Boissevain Bazaar May 18th and 19th put on by With Lavender and Lace. It was right down the street from and coinciding with operating times of Stockley Gardens Art Festival

Welcome to my tent (that I got at 7 that morning bc it was POURING)4 bos 941407_10100530173530127_1764460246_n

4 bos 941720_10100530172791607_511381130_n

camouflaged footwear

4 bos 548428_10100530174827527_2096327649_n

Day 2

4 bos 970639_10100532250043777_614544982_n

Prizes from fellow vendors: Modfolk, Glass Gardens, and Roses Ridge Farm

4 bos 876911_10100530430160837_736093527_n

but my most significant purchase from that weekend was a commissioned portrait of Wheeler.  Jonathan Aumen of Dog and Tonic creates the most gorgeous portraits of your canine companions on the inside covers of  antique books using fire and soot as his medium AND for a very reasonable price, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with! I think it turned out amazing and is definitely one of my most treasured pieces in my house!

4 bos 979242_10100535413678827_912684072_n

Well that’s the gist of what I’ve been up to! Now I fee comfortable moving forward and vow to never go that long again!!
More posts coming!


One Response to “A Post to catch up on, oh, I don’t know, the past SIX months”

  1. Brittany June 22, 2013 at 9:59 am #

    finally!!! haha, I’d been wondering what you have been up to!!

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