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Meet Navin!

23 Jul

Meet Navin R. Johnson the betta fish and newest addition to the Jarrell animal crew!

I went to a wedding this weekend (which I will post about later) and on each table at the reception they had a betta fish in a vase with flowers, and at the end of the night guess who was lucky enough to get offered a fish!!

I haven’t had a fish since middle / high school (RIP Gill), and I forgot how fun / relaxing they are to watch!

You can follow me on Instagram @malloryhotmess and all of my animals have their own hashtag

#wheelerdog #sketchbird #ermahbird and now #navinthebetta



Wheeler’s 4th Birthday!

4 Jan

It’s Wheeler’s 4th birthday…. as you can see… he’s thrilled…


Side note: Wheeler hates balloons video of Wheeler hating balloons

If you’d like to see a gross number of photos of Wheeler, you can go on instagram and search #wheelerdog because I may or may not have gone back through my 783 photos and hashtagged the ones of my dog…. which sadly is most of them….

Does your dog do this?

8 Nov

Since I can’t wash any more laundry, I decided to take a crack at the accumulated pile of clean clothes ’cause it looks like that’s what we’ll be livin’ in until I can snag me a new washer.

It never fails…. Every time I fold laundry into neat little piles, I make the mistake of turning my back for 2 seconds… and this happens!!!!

Then he just looks at me like, “What?!”

Damn dirty dingo dog!!


Every Damn Day

17 Sep

Every morning several of my neighbor’s 5 or 6 outside cats are in our yard. And it drives Wheeler bananas! We have a screened in back porch, so when I let Wheeler out, I have to let him out a second door. I’ll see the cats, and I’ll warn them and wait – give them a few seconds to get over the fence before letting Wheeler loose.

Well lately, they’ve been hiding better – I don’t see them, or they don’t see us. Wheeler plays it so cool on the porch. I look. Coast APPEARS to be clear. Then, he takes off like a bat outta hell! Bark bark bark bark bark, and he’ll chase them the whole perimeter of the fence. I’m panicking screaming “Wheeler! NOOOO! Wheeler! Hey!” trying to at least slow him down, so the cat can make it over the fence.

I don’t KNOW what he’d do if he actually caught one. I like to think it might be one of those scenarios where he’d be like “now what?” But I’d really rather not take that chance. Also, a cat could mess up his world too, and I don’t believe Wheeler understands that cats have pointy bits too!

Every damn day. FML.

Now, look at that sweet angel-face. He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

photograph by Amanda Hedgepeth

Birdie Crack

9 Jan

Apples = bird crack

Or at least for my bird they do. I’ve attempted to hand feed Sketch fruit before, but he has never really shown an interest / hides in fear every time I hold something foreign near him, but last night I was eating a leftover Halloween box of Nerds near his cage, and he seemed interested.  I held a single Nerd to where he could almost grab it, and he was goin’ for it!  I wasn’t gonna give my bird Nerds (even tho it crossed my mind) I went and grabbed the only bird friendly food we had, apples, to see if he would continue to reach his little bird beak through the rungs of his cage! Mission accomplished! He loved it – it was so cute! I guess it was sour to him, so he’d take a bite, shake his head a few times then run / flit around like a mad man and repeat!  I would consider Sketch is a fairly calm bird; I’ve never seen him act a fool like that before!

Wheelerdog’s 3rd Birthday!

4 Jan

Today is my baby boy’s 3rd birthday!

Now, please indulge me as I post an absurd amount of ridiculously adorable instagram pictures of my dog.

and Sketchbird was jealous

Hurricane Irene

25 Aug

With the recent earthquake, approaching hurricane, and ongoing swamp fires, it’s  “Earth, Wind, and Fire” up in Hampton Roads!  I hope everyone is prepared for this weekend.  May God keep you and your families safe!

This is what the Jarrell household will look like.